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Streaming music has changed the way we listen to music forever. It's never been so easy to listen, discover, and love music in any room of the house. Better yet, today's whole house audio systems are modular. You can add to them as the family grows, when your needs change, or as your budget allows. Start small and grow your system over time. You're in control.
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Fill your home with music.

At Entertainment Technology, we love designing & installing whole house audio systems. Years ago, home audio systems were clunky, and filled with wall warts. Those days are over. Today's systems make it easy to listen to your favorite streaming services like Pandora© to Spotify© and more. All controlled with the mobile device, Mac or PC that you already own.
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Designed for you. Installed by experts.

Choosing the right speakers for your home can be overwhelming. Your Entertainment Technology expert will be your trusted advisor. We'll talk more about how the speakers will fit in your space and aesthetics than we will watts per channel. We'll listen to you.

Will in-wall speakers fill your needs, or maybe in ceiling speakers will do the trick?

Whatever you decide, rest assured your speakers will sound great. We carry some of the best and most respected speakers in the industry.

Always within reach.

Wouldn't it be great if you could control your entire whole-house music system with just your mobile device? Or access your entire iTunes© library with the tap of one button? Now you can.

Would you listen to more music at home if you didn't have to rely on outdated technology? What if you could ask Alexa to play your favorite jam? Now you can. It's all available today, with no monthly fees.

Room by room.

What if you could play different songs in different rooms. Or the same song everywhere? Just pick a room. Pick a song. Hit play. It's easy.

Want a little background music in the den while the kids are rocking out in the kitchen? No problem. Or group the entire house to play the same song everywhere. That's the next generation of whole-house audio, and it's at Entertainment Technology.

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