Outdoor living at it's finest.

At Entertainment Technology we design and install amazing outdoor audio video solutions everyday. We take pride in designing backyard entertainment systems that fit your lifestyle and your budget. Whether you want some music around the grill or a complete outdoor home theater, we've got you covered.
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We don't sell flowers.

Today's homeowner expect more from their backyards. From a pool to an outdoor kitchen. Fun-loving families want to enjoy their backyards more than ever. It's our mission to make those outdoor living spaces the envy of the neighborhood. Imagine watching the game with your friends while the kids are rocking out in the pool.

Even get a little work done poolside when your Wifi signal extends the length of your property, not just the first floor. Ready to get the party started? Let's talk.
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From rock speakers to speakers that rock.

Start with a pair of speakers or opt for a sophisticated multi-speaker system designed to fill any space with perfect sound. The choice is yours.
Designing an outdoor system for your backyard requires precise speaker selection and placement. It's essential that your system is music to your ears, not your neighbors.
Imagine music playing in the background while you tend the steaks on the grill. Controlling it all with your mobile device. It's that simple.

What's the difference?

Outdoor televisions have come a long way in the last few years. First, the price has dropped while the technology has got better. Secondly, They're completely weatherproof and their picture is up to 30% brighter than their indoor counterparts. Whether we install your television in full sunlight or a shaded area, there’s an outdoor television right for your backyard.
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Connected outdoors

Speakers and televisions isn't all we do. We can also design and install wireless internet access that will cover all or part of the backyard.
How about landscape lighting control? We'll give you the ability to set the proper mood whether you want a romantic evening at home or a all night pool party. Control it all from an app designed and programmed just for you.

Outdoor televisions

We have Sunbrite© outdoor televisions from 32" to 75". Want to go bigger? How about an outdoor projector and screen? Whatever you're thinking we have the solution that's right for you and your family.
Watch the game under the stars, or invite friends over for Friday night movie night. It's entertaining at it's best.

Outdoor televisions. The choice is clear.

Why should you choose and outdoor television? It's simple really, indoor televisions aren't designed to be outside. They can't handle the heat from the sun, the glare is unbearable, and when they get wet, they're toast. With so many great options available from Sunbrite© it's easy to do it right the first time.

SunBriteTV® Veranda Series

4K Ultra HD Full Shade Outdoor TV – 43″$1499.

SunBriteTV® Veranda Series

4K Ultra HD Full Shade Outdoor TV – 55″ $1999.

SunBriteTV® Veranda Series

4K Ultra HD Full Shade Outdoor TV – 65″ $3499.

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